Specialist Mediators

You have a dispute… what is your choice?

you could go to Trial:
or you could use Mediation:
you could spend a lot of money and still lose      you could pay a small fraction of that and still achieve a good result

you would have to submit to the legal process you could regain control of events
the process is adversarial: it might get very unpleasant you could talk to someone who is neutral

you would go over all the same old arguments you’ve already been over before, many times your Mediator might have some new and constructive ideas to assist settlement

you might lose, you might win, but the decision could be appealed a mediated settlement is an agreement on your terms which cannot be appealed

if you win, you might make an enemy for life you might continue to do business together
running a case to trial requires management time and money a mediated settlement stops the haemorrhage there and then

Specialist Mediators LLP supplies Mediators with industry and business backgrounds, arranges venues and organises the flow of documents. If you would like to resolve a dispute without the time, cost and stress of having to appear in Court, please give us the opportunity of trying to help.