Semenax Review — Can It Really Make Your Climax More Interesting?

Semenax — Can It Really Make Your Climax More Enjoyable?

You would think that the male orgasm is already perfection and can’t be enhanced without an act of God and/or illicit substances you do not want to touch.

Well, I’ve got a secret for you. It’s called Semenax — a so-called quantity pill, which promotes semen ‘quantity’ so you’ve got more fluid to ejaculate.

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Having tested several of these climax-enhancing quantity pills, and spoken to many other guys who have too, Semenax pops for a number of factors.

It is the single best orgasm enhancer on the market and may take your climax to mad new areas.

In the event, you actually bite the bullet and purchase this product yourself? This Semenax review will answer that.

Tip: Hell Yes you should!


Semenax can give you a more and more intense climax. It’s a ‘Climax Enhancer’, which it is also possible to phone a’Semen Volume Supplement’.

As that name suggests, it’s created with organic ingredients that help the body create more semen, so you have more cum.

So it does so:

  • Boosts Semen Volume
  • Makes Climaxes Longer
  • Enhances Climax Intensity
  • Raises Sexual Pleasure (Big Time!)
  • Gives Better Orgasm Control
  • Turns Your Bedroom Into a House of Delight

When you have more semen to semen, your orgasmic muscles are made to contract for more, faster, and with greater intensity.

The outcome is that the’Semenax Climax’ — an act of unbridled sexual pleasure along with a masterpiece that belongs in the Louvre, not because of how much fluid you’ll discharge on demand (there’s plenty of this!) , but because it’s a masterpiece of formula, dosage, and absolute debauchery.

This product brings delight like you can not really fathom. Believe me, it will take your sex life into a completely new level of enjoyment and virility.


This is the engine behind these longer climaxes. Semenax is well-equipped to deliver the goods with a formulation that brings love and then some. It is scientifically demonstrated to boost semen production, together with climax intensity and sexual pleasure.

The formulation contains the following sexual nourishment:

Semen Flower Pollen
It gives the bio factors for sexual hormones and micronutrients that bring virility and sexual pleasure.

An amino acid which studies link to twice as much semen production, among many other sexual advantages.

Boosts semen production, along with sperm quality and greater testosterone.

Epimedium Sagittatum
It’s called ‘Horny Goat Weed’ because it stokes the libido and raises testosterone levels, along with greater semen production as well

Butea Superba
This is an herbal aphrodisiac used to enhance libido and sexual performance.

An amino acid found in high concentrations within healthy sperm, L-Carnitine is shown to increase sperm motility.

Bear in mind, it’s not exactly what’s in the formula. It is also how it’s dosed. Too weak and you do not get results. Too much and there may be health concerns.

Semenax is created by a company with over two years of expertise in the penile enhancement area, and their products were created by a former biologist.

This is an excellent formula, dosed for optimal results and optimum sexual enjoyment, from a company that’s pretty much initiated the male climax enhancer industry.


So I tried it…

I’m the first to admit I’m a relatively healthy man. I didn’t take it to get a hard-on. I attempted this product to have a lengthier climax. And it delivered, in a very big way.

I started to feel a gap with Semenax at about three weeks. I certainly had more jump and increased interest in sex by this moment. But more than anything, it had been the orgasm intensity that actually turned up a notch.

That kept improving too. At about the next month (remember this is a supplement, so it requires time to accumulate on your body), and without getting too graphic, I was shooting bigger, if you understand what I mean.

Length increased also. I can personally attest that the Semenax climax is intense AND longer.

I’ve attempted many orgasms improving supplements, and also of all of them, Semenax attracted the most pleasure.


Here is what other customers say about this pleasure-inducing natural product:

“The Greatest Feeling I have ever felt. I was with my girlfriend. I’ve been carrying Semenax, and since we were having sex, I continued longer. When the moment came to orgasm, it was the greatest feeling I have ever felt, it lasted more, and also a lot more came out. Thank you”

Vincenzo J. R., Rockhill SC

“My Girlfriend is Very Satisfied. Yes, sex has unquestionably enhanced. I can develop a storm and my girlfriend is very satisfied. My encounter volume definitely increased as did my overall sex drive. I will be ordering more Semenax™ in the very near future…”

George T. B., Fairless Hills PA

“A Huge Difference in a Month. I’m surprised I’ve seen a gap in a couple of days… Within a month, a large difference. I’m pretty happy personally with my products.”

Bradley J., Richmond VA


Semenax is a nutritional supplement. As such, it requires time to allow the body to process its nutrients. I found the best results arrived at about three months. But every guy is different.

Having spoken with different customers and see their Semenax reviews, I’d say you’ll notice a boost to your libido in the first month, and actually start having better climaxes shortly after that. They truly are amazing male enhancement pills.

By three months, you will be King of the World. Trust me .


A bottle of Semenax contains 120 capsules. You’ll need to take 4 capsules every day, and with foods, for the best results.


Purchase Semenax from the official sites (there are three). That’s because of success breeds imitators — and counterfeits.

When you purchase Semenax out of its official store, you’re good to go and ensured your Semenax is real.

The official site is:

I order my products straight from this website.


A jar of Semenax prices $59.95. That is a superb value given what’s in the product. Still, you work hard for the money.

You want the savings on this purchase, for that I recommend a package of 6 Months.

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You’ll save $480 with this option — and even more if you go for the 12 Month Supply. Both of these packages include Free Global Shipping too. That is enormous.


Semenax is the only best natural orgasm enhancer. It is the formula. It’s the dose. It is the business that makes Semenax, whose study into sexual enjoyment will give you hedonism and sexual strength you really must test on your own.

See a pattern?

I strongly suggest this product to you — the dude with pressure in his own life, whose period in this world is restricted and should make the most of his time while he is on it.

Sex is essential to your quality of life, and this product might be the most enjoyable investment you’ll ever make. Do not believe me?