Banking and Finance Mediator

Stephen Hiscock was born in 1952 and, after a career in banking and venture capital, specialising mainly in intensive care work for companies in financial difficulties, set up his own consultancy advising on banking and financial issues in 1997. He now advises companies and individuals on capital and debt finance, gives expert evidence in both civil and criminal litigation, and is non executive director of a company providing regulatory and compliance related financial software. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (part of the Institute of Financial Services) and a Member of the Academy of Experts.

In the dispute resolution field Stephen’s particular areas of interest are all those involving banking and financial problems, including disputes between shareholders, directors and other stakeholders. He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator.

Stephen Hiscock’s career in banking commenced in 1973 when he worked at National Westminster Bank before joining County Bank (Nat West’s merchant bank subsidiary) in 1979. While at County Bank he advised clients on borrowing options, analysed corporate credit applications, and considered venture capital opportunities, heading up a small team of bankers and accountants.

In 1986 Stephen joined TSB Group (now part of Lloyds TSB) where he had a variety of responsibilities, including establishing corporate lending in the Regions, starting a venture capital operation for the Bank, and running the Commercial Marketing Department. Stephen set up TSB’s ‘intensive care’ function in 1991, to control the larger customers who had run into financial difficulties. This meant devising survival plans in co-operation with the directors and their advisers and, where necessary, other banks.

Stephen is an active member of his local Anglican church and plays golf when time permits.